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PEMF, also known as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, utilizes long wave magnetic fields that undergo periodic changes in magnetic field intensity. These magnetic fields, also referred to as "exchange magnetic fields," possess unique characteristics and functions that offer various benefits to the human body.

One notable characteristic of ultra-long waves in PEMF is their ability to penetrate the human body, producing a phenomenon called "Joule fever." This effect has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, making it particularly effective in addressing chronic inflammation and alleviating chronic bone and joint pain. Additionally, the vibrations of 3000 small movements per minute stimulated by PEMF promote blood circulation, aiding in the elimination of impurities from the body.

PEMF waves supplement the magnetic energy of cells, leading to improved lymphocyte activity and enhanced disease resistance. They help balance the endocrine system and resonate with water in the cells, correcting acidic constitution and maintaining the acid-base balance of body fluids.

In terms of specific functions, PEMF waves decrease the effects of inflammatory substances, increasing blood vessel permeability and promoting the transfer of proteins from interstitial spaces to injured tissues, such as soft tissue injuries, traumatic hematomas, frostbite, burns, and inflammations, thereby reducing swelling. Moreover, PEMF promotes bone growth by stimulating chondrocytes, chondrocyte-like cells, and bone cells to release calcium, facilitating its precipitation in fracture areas and supporting callus growth.

Another significant benefit of PEMF is its impact on immunity. It enhances cellular and humoral immunity by increasing the number of white blood cells and improving phagocytosis ability, thereby strengthening the body's immune response.

PEMF can also stimulate the iron in red blood cells, promoting blood circulation. Additionally, the generation of a rapidly alternating super-magnetic field helps activate cells throughout the body, while also reducing swelling and stasis by acting on the central regions of each body part.

In summary, PEMF therapy harnesses the power of long wave magnetic fields with periodic changes in intensity. Its unique characteristics and functions, such as promoting blood circulation, reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, supporting bone growth, enhancing immunity, and improving overall well-being, make it a valuable therapeutic approach for various health conditions.

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